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Monday, November 24, 2008

Will knit for gloves

A sharp dip in temperature has meant a sharp change in direction in my plans for these gloves. I just want them to be as warm as possible and to be finished as quickly as possible.

This means that the lovely lacy cables will have to wait their turn. Lace = yarn overs = holes = draughty fingers!

Instead we have a double thickness cuff to ensure a snug fit around the wrist and straightforward stocking stitch for the gusset and hand area. There'll be a reappearance of the dark purple for the fingers and thumb to match the edging and inside of the cuff.

Kid Classic gloves

I'll be writing up the pattern which will be available to download from Ravelry (should you too want some super toasty gloves) as soon as the feeling returns to my fingers!

1 comment:

juliet said...

I WANT some super toasty gloves:-D I even have a ball of just the right wool that's been waiting for just the right pattern!