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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blenheim by night

I went out* tonight with the Woodstock Harriers. I don't know quite what I expected but they're a little bit hardcore by which I mean 5 miles, in the dark, around Blenheim park (which is an undulating** course to say the least). I've never actually been running in the dark before, i.e. at night without any lights close at hand. Although there are a few patches on our own club runs that are on quiet streets away from the main road it's completely different from running through woodland at night. I was surprised by how good my night vision was once I got used to it though there were still some pretty black bits. The freakiest thing was not having any warning that the running surface had changed (wet leaves, mud, puddles) until I started slipping on it. I really enjoyed the run though (with the possible exception of the bit where I was completely on my own for about 3 minutes on the darkest bit of the course) and I'll be back next week. It's really tough to motivate yourself to go out on your own in the evenings in winter and if I manage a weekly run with these guys I should be fit again in no time!


* to go out phr. (Running) = to go for a run. When a runner says he's been out four times this week it means that he, rather than his social life, is very active.

** undulating adj. (Geogr.) = hilly. When a race guide actually admits to a course being hilly you know you'll be going up a mountain!

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