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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do I need to spell it out?

FO - Skipton gloves

Skipton gloves

Pattern: Skipton gloves by Liz Thompson (available soon as a free Ravelry download)
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic in Lavender Ice and Victoria (one ball each)
Needles: 3.25mm dpns

I wrote up the patten for these gloves this evening. It took rather a long time considering that these are such a small project but describing how to knit the fingers and thumbs turned out to be very complicated. I haven't knit very many pairs of gloves, in fact these are my first successful pair, so I wasn't really sure about how much detail to go into.

This is something I wonder about a lot when writing up patterns. Do I need to explain how to make a crochet cast on or is it OK to say, "cast on x stitches using waste yarn and crochet cast on" and assume that if the reader doesn't know how to do this already that they will look it up? Answers on a postcard please.

The pattern will be up on Ravelry in the next couple of days or so. I did want to publish it tonight but thought that I should listen to the part of my brain that's telling me to read it through again in the morning to check for daft mistakes. So unlike me I know.


Felix said...

I really like clear instructions in a pattern. I think it is fine to name a specific method for casting on or off without going into detail, though...

I personally have a real problem with vague directions. To me, 'use this method of decrease' or whatever is NOT a vague instruction... from there I can go and find out what I am meant to be doing. But 'decrease like this' {insert really vague instructions} with a less than satisfactory explanation of the method is infinitely more crap than just a clear signpost to what I need to learn if I don't already know it.

Lucie said...

These are lovely Liz. I agree with Felix. I am very happy to look up how to do a new technique. A link to a good online tutorial is always welcome. Ysolda did this in a toy pattern I made recently (but it was a much more complicated technique than a crochet cast on).

Ruthcrafts said...

Yay Skipton! on the actual question - I agree with Felix - I'd much rather be told something definite, (or pointed at it) and be able to switch it for something else if I want to/can than not be told enough to make it if it is (for example) my first pair of gloves.

How's the kid classic in gloves? I've not used it yet, as I've discovered that I can knit with mohair, but not wear it (at least, for more than 20 seconds :) but don't know if that would matter for gloves.