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Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Christmas calendars please - I'm sorted

Guys with Yarn

and it's a signed copy no less!

Signed copy!

Having made a post-work dash from Oxford for Franklin Habit's book signing at iKnit in London Ellen and I were a bit disappointed that there weren't quite enough copies of It Itches to go around but getting my paws on a signed copy of Guys with Yarn more than made up for it.

When we arrived at iKnit the knitters weren't quite spilling out of the door (yet) but almost every chair and free spot had already been taken and it got even more crowded as it got closer to Franklin's appearance. I think the towering presence of the somewhat menacing Great British Sheep really added to the feeling that the place was packed out to see Franklin.

Menacing knitted sheep

That sheep just looks creepier every time I see it.

Franklin read two pieces from his book (which is going on my Christmas wishlist right after Free Range Knitter) and then answered questions and signed books and calendars and was generally delightful.

Franklin Habit

Although there were only a limited number of calendars available I was able (through sheer nippiness) to snaffle one for myself and one for Ellen who says she only asked "Are you getting two?". To me it really sounded like "Get two! Get two!".

Franklin and me

Say "fleece!"

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