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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Toes crossed

Handspun socks

This evening I cast on for my first handspun project in which gauge kind of does matter - a pair of socks. Given that gauge is important (if I want to have two socks the same size) it might seem slightly perverse that I haven't knit a gauge swatch but I really just wanted some plain vanilla knitting to get on with whilst watching the first states being called in the US election. I was a bit nervous that the yarn might be too solid to get a good knitted fabric but it should be OK (it's a good sign I think that the socks don't stand up on their own at the moment) and I love the play of colour in the natural BFL fibre. It has a gorgeous sheen.

Handspun socks

Back to the election I really hope that Obama does win, not least because of my favourite election knit so far. It would be tragic to knit something that complex in support of the losing candidate, kind of like getting the name of your favourite player put on your replica shirt the day before they're transferred - but to the power of 10!

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Felix said...

I too, knit along to the election. I was knitting - and still am - my feather and fan scarf.

I am so happy that such historic moments now inhabit that garment...

isn't the news amazing??!!

And now your socks will also hold the promise of change in their stitches.

This is a very happy day for all of us; the joy is palpable.