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Saturday, November 08, 2008

One owl too many

I made a ton of progress on the Baby Owlet Vest on my daytrip to Great Malvern today. I was very excited to get to the owl cables bit of the pattern, in fact so excited that I knit an extra owl, making six instead of five. In my defense I was chatting to people at Ruth's housewarming all the time that I was knitting that section.

one owl too many

I didn't really fancy undoing and redoing all the owls so decided to just drop the stitches which made up the extra owl and reform them in stocking stitch. I even had a crochet hook on me for the purpose (that almost never happens). The place where the owl was looks a bit uneven but I'm sure it will block out.

The owl vest is the result of a flare up of my knitting related ADD which appears to be of the relapsing/remitting variety. I can knit monogamously on a project for days and then, probably in reaction, be unable to knit on the same thing for two days together, hence the recent proliferation of WIPs in my Ravelry notebook. In addition to the Owlet vest I've got three pairs of socks on the go all cast on in the last week plus various other sundries.

Of course some of them are necessary. It goes without saying that Laurie needs a new knitted garment for her birthday this Friday, although it would have been preferable to have realised that a bit sooner. Thank goodness for chunky yarn. I have a project on the go in Rowan Country which hopefully Laurie (or rather Laurie's mum who is the arbiter elegantiae in these matters) will like. It should be warm at any rate. Ravelry details are here.

Similarly last night I was inspired to cast on for a Mason-Dixon dishcloth in Debbie Bliss cotton dk as a housewarming gift for Ruth.

Knitted dishcloth

I had a splendid time at Ruth's housewarming eating her fabulous cake, admiring her fabulous view and visiting her fabulous LYS. I picked up a skein of Sweet Feet sock yarn from Artist's Palette yarns as well as a plait of roving from the same dyer. I'll post pictures tomorrow as this stuff really deserves to be seen in good light.

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