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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A present from Great Malvern

Whilst visiting Ruth at the weekend I managed to fit in a lightning quick visit to her local yarn store*, The Knitting Parlour. I really did intend to just look (and maybe fondle) but all my resolution was swept away at the sight of a stunning display of Artist's Palette hand-painted roving and sock yarn in the middle of the shop.

Checking the label I nearly cheered when I noticed that it said "hand painted in Worcestershire" which meant that it came under the heading of a souvenir. It's not really yarn, it's a present from Great Malvern!

Sweet Feet sock yarn by Artist's Palette

Sweet Feet sock yarn by Artist's Palette

I love the play of colours in this skein. They go from a deep berry red to a vivid gold and completely capture all the fabulous autumnal colours that are just coming to an end. The base yarn is 80% merino 20% bamboo so it's lovely and shiny too.

You can see more Artist's Palette yarns at her website where she has laceweight, dk and aran weight yarn as well as the sock yarn. She also has "rescue yarn" which I think is a great idea. If you want to see some of the yarn knit up she's currently knitting some familiar-looking mittens.

* btw I love that not only did I not have to explain this to Ruth, but she even gave me directions before I asked!

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Lara said...

oooh - that looks lovely. I'm all for souvenirs... I was in Worcester on saturday at a livestock market getting down with the farmers. I did look longing at the hills - it is soo beautiful there!