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Friday, November 28, 2008

Good designer*, bad girlfriend

I've been neglecting the boyfriend all evening (although he appears to be reasonably happy in the other room writing reports and watching Family Guy) in order to do designer stuff on Ravelry. The pattern for the Skipton gloves is now available as a free Ravelry download and can be downloaded from this page. I've also changed the links at the top right of this page so that non-Ravelers can download the patterns without signing up. It's been ages since I last uploaded a pattern to Ravelry so it took a while and a question to the British Designers group (which I then answered myself) to complete the process. Hopefully I'll get the next design up there before I forget all over again.

In answer to Ruth's question, yes Kid Classic is perfect for lovely warm gloves. It's so cosy and it's knit up at a reasonably dense gauge to block out the wind. However, if you have problems wearing mohair then I'd suggest substituting another yarn as even if your hands can take it, your wrists can be very sensitive and these are snug fitting gloves.

Thanks for the feedback on referencing techniques in patterns. I know that I'm perfectly happy to go away and research a new technique and I'm lucky enough to have a lot of knitting friends if I need a demo but I wasn't sure how other people felt. I think I'll stick to just naming the technique if it's fairly standard and maybe giving directions to a good online tutorial if it's more unusual.

The other thing that took time this evening was putting up a corrected copy of the pattern for the Hopscotch socks. There was a small erratum in the directions for the heel flap where I had essentially repeated two rows in the process of copying and pasting. Oops! Happily I don't think that anyone was seriously inconvenienced by this as both knitters who pointed this one out to me have completed their socks. I think the nicest this about publishing patterns is seeing all the different ways that people can knit them up and at some point I'll organise a gallery.

* by which I mean morally good.

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