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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas...

...and I'm a knitted item short. However, as I'm under a strict injunction that I am not to stay up crafting until the early morning in a mad rush to finish Christmas gifts the intended recipient will be receiving their (extremely nice) bought gifts* and an I.O.U.

In the new year I will be making resolutions to exercise more, eat less (or at least better), and start my Christmas knitting in September.

click here to see what's behind door number 24

* I always have back-up


Felix said...

Mark also got a gift in its pre-knitted state, with affixed tag detailing the future form for the yarn to take.

I also had back-up and his hydration rucksack system was received with great glee!

Happy Xmas

Anonymous said...

Oh the anticipation! I've been waiting and waiting to view the thing you'd post on the 24th but it says I don't have permission!

Have loved the pictures all December - and Felix's sound ones - much better than a chocolate calendar any day.


Anonymous said...

that was by Sarah by the way