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Saturday, December 27, 2008

O Christmas tree(s)!

Merry Christmas to you all - I hope you had a lovely day whatever you were doing!

Our own Christmas day followed a well-worn pattern, breakfast followed by presents (yay!) and a visit to our old next-door neighbours after which Mum and I took a walk around a nearby reservoir whilst Dad cracked on with the tea and my brother fell asleep on the sofa.

We had a lovely walk which was considerably enlivened by numerous sightings of that rare beast, the wild Christmas tree. Of course most people are familiar with the domesticated Christmas tree which can be found in many a living room, shopping centre, or hotel lobby at this time of year but the wild tree is less common and altogether harder to track down (although once you have found their territory they're fairly easy to spot due to their shining baubles and spangly tinsel!).

Christmas trees in the wild

People have been decorating trees around Entwistle Reservoir for the last few years but it's really taken off this year. Two years ago, when Mum and I were last there on Christmas day, there were half a dozen or so, mainly memorial trees "to Nan" or "to Dad". This year (judging by the number of photos and I didn't get them all) there were around 40, and although some were memorials, others were decorated for the people who walk around the reservoir. It's a lovely new tradition and long may it continue.

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Lara said...

Wild christmas trees are a great idea, I love the idea of decorations gone feral... Does someone take them away afterwards? (She says boringly!)