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Friday, December 12, 2008

One off, one on

There were moments when I felt that I would be working the sewn bind-off of the lengthways garter stitch scarf for the rest of my natural lifespan but it is finished at last and is currently blocking on the living room floor.

It's so beautiful that I had to tear myself away, otherwise I'd still be sat there stroking it. This means that my aunt, uncle and cousins' parcel will be on its way as soon as the scarf is dry and the other things are wrapped and the postal workers of Oxford have come off strike. There will be pictures of the scarf tomorrow once it's unpinned and there's some decent light for photography.

With the scarf safely blocking I was able to move onto the next item on the Christmas knitting list, a hat for the boyfriend's sister. I was going to knit another scarf but the Winter Knitty arrived just in time with Megan's Fern Glade pattern.

Fern Glade hat

I'm knitting the smaller size in Rowan Felted Tweed from my stash in a very ferny shade of green. It looks a bit small on the needles but Felted Tweed does wonderful things when wet so I'm confident that it will block to the right size.

Door number 12

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Moggle said...

There was a postal strike?

Thanks for the kind words about Fern Glade. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Felted tweed does seem to be the preferred yarn at the moment.