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Friday, December 05, 2008

Let it snow

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I'm up in snowy Bolton for the weekend. I was expecting pandemonium on the trains as when I bought my tickets last night there were no reservations available for my journey. In consequence I was in place on the platform (at the spot where the doors stop) ten minutes before the train was due with sharpened elbows at the ready. As it turned out it was pretty quiet and I had very little trouble getting a seat. I guess it's the pre-Christmas lull! I has an extremely pleasant journey knitting away on my sock and listening to a dramatisation of Strong Poison recorded from BBC7.

These started their life as an idea for a pair of mittens but I realised once I reached the wrist that the pattern was far better suited to a pair of cosy ankle socks for wearing in bed.

Snowish socks

You may think that "cosy" and "ankle" aren't really words that go together in the context of bedsocks but I have several pairs of three-quarter length pyjama trousers and there are few things less attractive than socks that go right up to the hems of three-quarter length pants. You've got to think about style, even if it is -2°C outside right now!


Felix said...

What a gorgeous sock!
What is the lovely stitch pattern? Is it one you made up yourself? It looks to be making a very cushy fabric.

Ruth said...

I'm loving your advent calendar :) Both the ellipsis[es?] gloves and the bedsocks look very cosy and wintry - just as things should be at this time of year.