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Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas knitting

My trouble is that I never really plan to do Christmas knitting. I just knit happily away on all the regular stuff until about December 4th or 5th at which point I start to see everyone else's Christmas knitting and really want to do some of my own (in the 20 remaining knitting days until Christmas!). This year however there are a couple of helping factors which might mean that I get it all done without having to sit up until 2 am on Christmas eve.

1) I won't be seeing my sister and brother-in-law and the baby until New Year's Eve so I have a few extra days to knit for them and

2) I have one or two things already in the pile of FOs that can be dished out, hurrah!

This still leaves:
Something - mittens or hat - for my uncle.
Lengthways garter stitch scarf in Rowan Tapestry for my aunt - I'm only five rows in and I can already tell that this is going to be the most beautiful scarf, evah!
Socks or fingerless mittens for the the boyfriend - I'm thinking Monkeys along the same lines as the ones I knit for my Dad's birthday.
Mum's present. Mum actually reads the blog so no clues given here.
Classic Wanderers' scarf for my brother - this is a bit dependant on me getting the yarn in time and then not going insane at the thought of umpteen twenty-row navy blue and white stripes. Still anything to help the Whites in their battle against relegation this year.
Something - haven't quite decided what for my Dad.
Ditto for my b-i-l.
Ditto for my sister - possibly the Skipton gloves, good for pram pushing.
Toasty topper for Laurie - she's so easy to knit for, looks good in everything and never complains about the colour. Of course she is only 1!

That's actually quite a long list - best get knitting then.

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