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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tea and garter stitch

Tea and banana bread

Both very soothing and very much required to counteract the tension of the Murray-Roddick semi-final. I'm knitting the flower to send to Anne Makepeace who will be knitting, and sewing knitted flowers onto a blanket on the fourth plinth on Sunday July 26th. I'm gutted that Murray lost, Roddick just played too well, but there's always the US Open and it will still be a splendid final on Sunday.

Project lunchbox* - week 1 review

After a very helpful discussion with Felix and Lara on the subject last Sunday I was inspired to pack my own lunch every day this week (I never usually manage this). The trick, apparently is to prepare things the night before whilst cooking dinner.

Project lunchbox - red pepper cous cous

Monday - potato salad with green beans
Tuesday - rigatoni in amatriciana sauce
Wednesday - M&S style fruity cous cous
Thursday - left over pork pie and pickled onion from the pub (this feels slightly like cheating but I'm going with it)
Friday - cous cous with red pepper, onion, sultanas and basil (above)

If anyone has any particularly exciting ways with cous cous that they'd like to share, I'd be thrilled to hear about them.

* I find that I stick at things better if I give them a title and commit to them in public.

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Clare said...

Love the flower! I do a nice morrocan inspired couscous - fry off some spices (cumin, cardamom, mixed spice, mustard seed, etc), then add some onion (& garlic if you like), cook gently then when nearly done add fruit (sultanas, dates) and nuts (almonds, pine nuts). Stir this into the couscous. Then stir in a green leaf (rocket, spinach) & any other herbs you might want to add. Then make a dressing using harissa, olive oil & lemon juice & dress it with this. Do it when everything is warm and leave to cool - yum! Works best if you make much more of everything (other than the couscous) than you think you need, the couscous just drinks it all up. Anyway, thanks for the lunch ideas :)