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Monday, July 13, 2009

Best of the weekend*

Best spinning:

Sock yarn fibre from The Thylacine

Superwash merino/seacell blend from The Thylacine. This is spinning up beautifully smooth and even and I'm already onto the second ply. You can get through a lot of fibre during a Tour stage.

Best plying:

Shetland in Moody

Shetland fibre in Moody from Old Maiden Aunt. I love this so much. I had a bit of a 'mare plying it because I broke the thread a couple of times and then couldn't find the end (argh!) but I managed it somehow (by dint of winding off little bits onto cotton spools) and have ended up with over 400 metres of fingering weight yarn.

Best jamming:

Gooseberry and ginger jam

The Co-op had yellow-stickered gooseberries when I went in to buy provisions for lunch on Sunday so I bought a punnet on impulse and made gooseberry and ginger jam in the afternoon. I think I had my best jam making result yet as I actually managed to heat the jam to the setting point for the first time after realising that I had to split it into smaller batches to avoid it boiling over before reaching 104 degrees C. I had some on toast this morning and it was yummy.

Best cake:

Larieux from Maison Blanc

I ran all the way to Oxford (just under 8 miles) for this cake and boy was it worth it. I even, despite having to run for the bus on the way back, managed to get it home in pristine condition which almost never happens. I ate it with a cup of Clipper decaf tea whilst watching Sunday's stage of the Tour (which I am enjoying hugely) and spinning the lovely sock fibre.

Best flowers:

Roses at Blenheim

Roses at Blenheim

Roses in the Blenheim Palace rose garden which is now in full swing.

Best surprise:

Lady Surprise Shrug

Lady surprise shrug

Half marks to everyone who guessed it was a baby surprise jacket. It's actually a lady surprise shrug. I didn't have to make any mods to the pattern on this, apart from knitting it on 5mm needles, but I have big plans for a lady surprise sweater in Garthenor organic yarn which will be amazing.

* idea shamelessly homaged/plagiarised from WordsandStitches


Clare said...

Lovely spinning and beautiful BS/LSS! And I want that cake soooooo much. Almost enough to run 8 miles for it. And thanks for the homage, I love this weekend summary idea.

ruthcrafts said...

Beautiful stuff! That Old Maiden Aunt is stunning :) and the shrug is inspired - my version got stalled cos I ran out of yarn. oops

Ruth said...

Liz, you make beautiful things =)

Fredted said...

I have the Adult Surprise Jacket pattern. Can we induce you to join us in Reading with the promise of a loan?!