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Monday, July 06, 2009

Sew Sunday

Having managed to score the necessary beads for the Amy Butler necklace at Jacksons on Saturday I spent a happy couple of hours on Sunday morning watching Emma on ITV3 and cutting fabric on the bias.

Liz at Blenheim

I found the pattern in the Rowan Newsletter for February which was handed out at UK Ravelry day but it's also available online here as a pdf. It's a really great pattern for practising cutting on the bias and for using up bits and pieces of fabric. The beads themselves were 7p each from Jacksons (and I'm sure they're available elsewhere) so with 22 beads in this necklace and 14 in my second it's a fairly inexpensive project too.

After finishing the necklace we headed off to Blenheim with the plan of having lunch and then walking it off. Sadly we only really managed the lunch part (yummy sausages and chicken pie from Foxbury Farm) as my legs were still shot from Saturday's long walk.

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