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Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's not a race, but am I winning?

Felix and I were going head to head on our surprise projects last night in the pub. I was about 4 hours knitting-time behind her but Felix is working a larger size, with mods which means more ripping-out potential. Is it enough to compensate for (as Felix put it) my handicap of a nine-to-five job?


I'm about 6 rows (and they're long rows) from the end which might mean that I get to do the astound-your-friends flipping it right side out bit at work. That would be cool. The only downside about this whole project is it's taking far less yarn than I thought it would - so much for a stashbuster!*

In other news I plan to be in Lun-don on the evening of Monday July 13th when not one, but two knitters will be doing their fibre thing up on the 4th Plinth. I can't stick around for the second slot between 10 and 11 due to boring things like last buses but I'll be there between 6 and 7 for sure.

* but this is fine really because this yarn would make an a-ma-zing sideways garter stitch scarf for someone this Christmas. Lucky I like my garter stitch.

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