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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ice cream, sunshine, and song

One of the summer traditions at my workplace is that once a year people gather in the small courtyard to eat ice cream whilst the choir sings madrigals. It's at times like these that I feel like I work for the Lever Brothers.



More of the lovely G&Ds ice cream.

It was an amazing day for listening to music and eating ice cream and having cold drinks in the pub after work. It's a less good day for baking but the hot weather meant that I had a glut of ripe bananas which would be good for nothing unless I acted promptly.

Banana bread

The recipe is from Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson and the recipe is online here. I omitted the sultanas and rum and made double quantities to use up all the bananas. I'm going to be popular at work tomorrow.

The extra heat in the kitchen is totally worth it as I can now slope off to bed with a glass of cold milk and a slice of warm banana bread. Heaven.

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Lara said...

That is one of my favourite things from the domestic goddess - it is excellent with rum and chocolate in it! I like the fact that G&Ds is now served in the quad with the summer songs - I'm sure that didn't happen in my day!! Your last couple of posts have made me very Oxford sick - I must arrange a visit for July-August!!