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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Random Wednesday


I saw this guy as I was heading out this morning. I didn't want to disturb him by putting a penny in for scale but he must have been at least 2.5" across. At first glance I thought he was a small bat! I love the dead leaf camouflage.

Hanging around to photograph the moth meant that I was walking up the hill as the same time as one of my neighbours. I hadn't really noticed that she kept looking nervously over her shoulder until she apologized for it, explaining that she wasn't paranoid, it's just that her cat has a habit of stalking her to the shop where she works unless she manages to give him the slip leaving the house. The hilarious thing is he doesn't actually follow her from the house but takes the shortcut up the gully then waits by the side of the road which he knows she has to come up. Smart cat.

Summer sky

This was one of the things I could see during my lunch break. I'd show you my other view but it's really difficult to take a picture of the inside of your eyelids. Yay for the siesta!

I perked up as soon as I got to the pub after work and was nicely settled with a half pint of Brakspear and a giants ploughman's platter. Felix and I amused everyone by secreting bits of our ploughman's into the tupperware* we had with us - that's tomorrow's lunch sorted.

Felix finished her day-glo Hopscotch socks.

Finished Hopscotch socks

She even modelled them despite the heatwave.

Finished Hopscotch socks

Come on, feet off the table now Felix.

After the pub Felix, Ellen, Abby and I headed to the Oxford institution that is G&Ds to initiate Felix into the ways of the G&Ds ice cream.


We got out just before a huge bunch of summer school students arrived and started queueing out onto the street and took our ice creams over the road to St Giles.

Abby, Felix and Ellen

More knitting.

* not the fact that we weren't wasting it - more that we just happened to have tupperware to hand

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