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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some fibre, a plan, a wheel, arisaig!

Ok so it doesn't have an internal rhyme and it's not a palindrome but it's a snappier title than "Nain otalgia sir, an arisaig Latonian"* which is the only palindrome I could devise containing "arisaig".

I've been wanting to knit this ever since I first started reading Knitty but I've never had enough of the right yarn at the right time.

Handspun Shetland

Then just last week I realised that I had more than enough grey Shetland fibre to spin the fingering weight yarn needed for the project and that I'd already spun up some gorgeous blue Shetland in the same weight for the tie and edging which are done in a contrast colour.

I'm really excited both at the thought of finally knitting (and wearing) Arisaig and at creating a whole non-sock garment from my handspun.

* It's English, Jim, but not as we know it. Nain (my own) otalgia (earache) sir, an arisaig Latonian (pertaining to Latona, mother of Apollo and Diana). I suppose Diana could be telling Apollo to stop playing music for a moment and admire the wrap cardigan she's knitted for mother. It does get nippy up in the Greek highlands.


the frog princess said...

I find your palindrome incredibly geeky and delightful. :)

Louise said...

That is such beautiful wool!! And the baby cardi is wonderful too - would love to make that kind of thing one day! until then, bring on the scarves ;-)

Liz said...

Thanks, that's very kind.

Baby clothes really are a great way into garment knitting as the shapes are usually very simple and they're much quicker to knit than a scarf too.