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Monday, June 02, 2008

My armhole is a Tardis

Well something has to account for the fact that the more I knit on the back of my Minimalist cardigan this lunchtime the further away from 7.5 inches I seemed to get! The back is now finished, however, and I'm already 4 inches into the first front.

minimalist cardigan - front

As I hoped the pooling is much more restrained over the smaller number of stitches (as indeed it was for the top of the back). I suspect that I probably will end up ripping back the back and re-knitting with two balls of yarn in stripes but I'm not going to think about that until I've knit the rest of the cardigan. After all, it's only the people standing behind me who are going to see it!

I would have been further on with the cardigan but I spent the weekend playing hooky.

squares and daisies

It's been a long held ambition to crochet a blanket. I picked the pattern out years ago from the crochet book belonging to Abby that a few of us learnt to crochet from and I'd already made a few squares in UK Alpaca, just enough to cover my bedside table.

I've got a few projects planned in Rowan Pure Wool DK so it made sense to start off using the leftovers from the Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan. So far I have three squares in bright blue, one in black (my eyes! my eyes!) and half a square (i.e. a circle) in a darker blue. The odds and ends that are too short for making squares* have been made into daisies.

blue daisy

This is the simplest little pattern from the gorgeous Erika Knight book Essential Crochet. There are some beautiful patterns in here, although I will be steering well clear of the afghan that takes 84 balls of Rowan Cotton Glace. However, I think I can stretch to 5 balls for the Sunday Best baby cardigan.

sunday best cardigan

The picot edging is done in 3mm ribbon (sweet) and there are more of my favourite daisies decorating the front.

* it turns out that joining in yarn (at least in more than one place) for crochet squares is a complete arse and life is just too short.

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