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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3654 knitters can't be wrong.

And that's just on Ravelry. Apparently I can stop knitting raglan baby cardigans but only in order to knit other sorts of baby jackets.

Striped baby surprise jacket

I cast on at Bluestockings* this evening just in case I ran into difficulties and had to ask for advice from seasoned baby surprise jacket knitters. Turns out I needn't have worried. Although the pattern is written in a very different style from those that I'm familiar with it's very easy to follow, probably easier than if more figures and measurements were given. I'm knitting it in stripes, partly because that's the yarn I had, partly because it makes it easier to count and see where I'm up to in the pattern.

Before casting on for the BSJ I had made good progress on the fern lace raglan baby cardigan.

Fern lace raglan cardigan

This is just as pretty as the little flowers cardigan (again, it's the yarn) and talking of which...

... ta da!

Little flower raglan cardigan

I needn't have worried about the size as it's blocked up to a 22" chest which should be plenty big enough for little Laurie - just so long as I get it in the post quick!

* hey look, the Bluestockings blog is back!

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