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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pretty in pink

Laurie's new cardigan is coming on apace. I got loads done during a lovely long lunch with Mum and her friends Sheila and Sheila at Thyme in Horwich and more done during the interval of Once Upon a Time in Wigan - Live at the Octagon.

I reversed the lace pattern as I was knitting top down and there are a couple of places where I forgot I should be SSK-ing and K2tog'd instead but it's not really noticeable.

Little flowers baby cardigan

It was pretty easy to expand the lace pattern into the raglan increases. Ironically my biggest mistake came when I was knitting straight for the body, I accidentally lined up two little flowers with the ones just above rather than offsetting them. I didn't really fancy ripping back 6 rows to fix just two flowers so I dropped down the stitches to turn the two misplaced flowers into plain stocking stitch and to insert them in the correct place. After a little tweaking the fix was almost invisible and it will disappear entirely after blocking.

Little flowers baby cardigan - reverse

I decided to knit fake purl stitch seam lines down each side after I realised that I would have to add a lot of underarm stitches to make the lace pattern join up between the fronts and the back. I didn't really plan out the lace (or indeed much at all) before starting out.

After knitting all through Dr. Who (ace episode btw), Holland vs. Russia and the Amir Khan fight I've finished the body of the cardigan and am onto the first button band (and have somewhat sore hands).

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Amanda i am the owner of Thyme, Horwich. Just noticed we have a mention on your blog but the link you have points to a website for another company. Can i give you my site details? Not sure if you can change it. Thanks for the mention. Hope to see you soon.