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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Botched minimalist cardigan

I'm beginning to think that there's a small but potent curse on this project. Just as I was deciding that I could live with the pooling on the back and was congratulating myself on finishing the first front I realised that I had completely misread the instructions for the stitch pattern and so had knitted two whole pieces in single, rather than double moss stitch.

botched minimalist cardigan

Obviously this is the the knitting gods' way of telling me that I should have ripped back the back earlier and reknit it with two balls of yarn.

This goes some way to explaining why my row gauge has been so far off (I've knit about 20 rows more than I should have) and why the respective tensions of the body of the cardigan and the edging are so disparate (see the curve in the picture). Of course, this might all be fixed by blocking (which makes a great difference in this yarn), or again it might not. I hate to say it, but I think it's all going to have to be redone.

This discovery, which was made shortly before catching the bus home, slightly took the shine off a lovely evening. I took advantage of the fact that my cold means I'm off running for the moment to visit Felix's knitting group, Sticks 'n String, who meet up weekly at the Global Cafe in Reading. It was really nice to meet the Reading knitters and I'll be dropping in again for sure, if only to sample more of the lovely Ethiopian food. Definitely healthier than the fare at the Bluestockings meetings.

Right, I'm off to rip some knitting. I may be some time..

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Felix said...

Oh no!

We were both struck down with some kind of knitting curse. It must be an unfortunate symptom of the lurgy.

I am sad that you have to rip back so much of the cardigan but hopefully re-working it with two balls of yarn will create pooling that you are happier with?

Good luck with the frogging and the corrections...

It was lovely to see you in The Global Cafe; do come again anytime!