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Friday, June 20, 2008

Thomasina does what now?

Oh, knitting. That thing with the two sticks and the string. I think it's coming back to me now.

It feels like ages since I picked up the needles for a proper session but I'm back in full swing now. I'm having a holiday from the spinning this weekend. Mainly because I can only fit about 50 grams on my drop spindle before it starts to get too heavy which means I'd need to ply, which means toting the lazy cheapskate up to Bolton on the train and it doesn't really fold up small.

I finished the second front of the Minimalist cardigan on the train on the way up here and made a start on the first sleeve. I'd have thought that I had a chance at finishing it this weekend, only in my rush out of the door this morning I omitted to pick up enough wool. I should have enough for this sleeve though.

Minimalist cardigan sleeve #1

Happily I brought yarn for a second project so there's no chance of running out of knitting. My sister requested another cashsoft raglan cardigan for the baby so I'm knitting this up on the fly. I had initially planned on stripes but I miss knitting lace (it's all moss and stockinette over on the Minimalist front) so I think a very simple little flower pattern in one colour will be just the thing.

Laurie's top-down raglan

I had a very pleasant journey up north. Quite apart from having a Brother Cadfael* BBC radio adaptation to listen to, I was sat next to a knitter up until Birmingham and we had a very nice chat about knitting and spinning and home births (she's an independent midwife) until she had to change trains for York. I just love how knitting means that I had a great conversation with someone I never would have spoken to if we didn't both have needles in our hands.

* I loves Cadfael. He's basically the reason I chose to study medieval history at university.

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lovely work, indeed.