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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I can't shut up about spinning!

Since the spinning session at iknit on Saturday I've been on a real roll with the spinning. My 400 grams of Blue Faced Leicester fibre arrived this morning from Wingham Woolworks - fantastic service as I only put the payment through yesterday morning.


I love this this stuff so much, it's incredibly soft, gorgeously coloured and smells deliciously sheepy - I have to keep either sticking my nose in the bag or sniffing my drop spindle.* The best moment was when I had to get it all out of the bag to find the end and ended up cuddling an armful of fibre that resembled a huge amorphous teddy bear.

Although my spindle is filling up impressively I don't really s em to have made a dent in the fibre yet so I'm going to have to think about winding it off and maybe plying before too long.

handspun biffle

I had a quick go at Navajo plying in the pub with the turquoise/teal merino before I started spinning the biffle and I really liked the effect. Plus it's really not as tricky as it sounded from the descriptions I'd read online although I need a little more practice before I really get up to speed.

navajo plied merino

It really has been a good week for meeting up with other knitters. I had dinner with Helen and Ellen on Monday, visited Felix at Sticks'n'String in Reading on Tuesday, and went to Bluestockings tonight, and then I met another knitter/spinner on the bus home after that. I didn't get her name (sadly) but hopefully she'll come along to Bluestockings at some point. At any rate I think we managed to freak the other passengers out by our ability to bond instantly over handspun and Noro sock yarn, which I did not know existed up until now. Soo pretty - I really need to get me some at some point!

* despite the danger - as my Gramps used to say - of getting wickies up my nose.

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