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Monday, June 09, 2008

If at first ...

I think this one's a keeper!

Minimalist cardigan - back

It's amazing what a difference has been made by the change in stitch pattern. I estimate that the back knit in double moss stitch took nearly a third less yarn than the same piece knit in the single moss stitch which rules out any worries about running out of yarn on this piece.

I had planned to be slightly further along on this piece by this time but I got rather distracted by handspinning over the weekend. On Saturday I went to the second drop spindling session at iknit where I spun up the rest of the mohair that I bought at the Oxfordshire Craft Fair last year and learnt a neat trick for plying two ends of the same single together without a bobbin in sight. The secret is to wind off the single loosely* around your hand keeping a hold of the starting end. When you've finished winding you just attach both ends to the leader and start plying, rather like knitting from both ends of a centre pull ball. There are more coherent instructions in the Winter '05 issue of Knitty.

Armed with this knowledge I headed home and got busy plying.

handspun mohair

handspun mohair

It looks just like real yarn!

Encouraged by this success I set about spinning up and plying any other fibre I had in the house.

handpsun merino

This is merino top that I picked up at the Handweaver's Studio last August. I'm getting in lots of practice on the remainder of this as I've just placed an order with Wingham Woolwork (after a tip from Megan) for 400g of Blue Faced Leicester Humbug Tops. This looks like lovely stuff and I'm hoping to spin up enough for a hat and/or some mittens.

* to avoid cutting off circulation to the fingers and so that you can slip the yarn onto your wrist. Plying one-handed is not easy!


Felix said...

Your second minimalist cardigan back looks amazing! I'm glad you are happy with the colours and the revised moss stitch. Your yarn is beautiful also; the spinning is taking over!

Moggle said...

Your handspun looks wonderful. The cardi is looking great too. How did you cope with all that moss stitch?