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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little flowers raglan cardigan

I know I says it as shouldn't, but this has to be one of the prettiest things I've ever knit. A lot of it (happily for my modesty) is down to the colour of the yarn, a beautifully soft, subtle brownish pink. I actually bought it thinking it was brown, the pink only really shows up in natural light.

Little flowers baby cardigan

The little flowers lace stitch pattern is a very simple 8 stitch/12 row repeat which is very easy to work into the raglan increases. The motifs are so small that there are very few blank places where you don't have enough stitches for even part of the motif.

Lace raglan cardigan

Despite swatching, or at least measuring an old swatch knit on the same needles and with the same yarn (or at least I think it was *starts to worry*) it's been looking a bit small and the tension has been feeling rather on the tight side. I'm hoping that blocking will help but if it's still rather on the small side I'll just have to knit another one a size up for Laurie. At least that will help when writing up the pattern!

Lace raglan cardigan

Proper FO photo tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

it's cute!

Poulsbo florist

lupin said...

What a lovely little cardie - any chance of writing the pattern in toddler sizes too?? (ie for an almost 3 year old into all things pink and pretty)
LOL Lucie x