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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seasonal knitting

I love autumn (or Fall if you swing that way). It's the season when knitting really comes into its own. I need to start looking around for an autumn/winter coat (actually I really need three coats but I'm still hoping to find the miracle three-in-one warm, smart, comfortable, trendy - oh wait, that's four ...) but just for the moment I can still get by with a cosy cardigan and a shawl tucked round my throat, even when waiting for the bus back home after knitting. I'm even starting to have fantasies about an amazing knitted coat - there are some great ones out there like Sylvi, Anise, and Sweet Pea Coat. Of course, realistically, to have a coat for autumn I really should have started knitting it back in May! Looks like I need to continue the search for the miracle coat for this year at least.

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Knitting Belle said...

The Sylvi looks amazing. Why don't you start now for next year? What yarn would you use?