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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A hiatus

The enforced interruption on the sheep cardigan does mean that I've been able to catch up a bit with my Arisaig.

Arisaig (left front)

Oddly enough - given that I've been struggling to photograph this sucker ever since I started it - this photo, taken in artificial light and with a flash gives a pretty good impression of the colour of the cardigan in daylight. I love the Shetland yarn so much. Knit at this gauge it's just so damn springy - there's nothing worse after all than limp ribbing.

I've had a horrible cough all this week (think bronchial sheep) so I took it easy this evening*. I ate last night's leftover stew (pork with cider, tomatoes, and mushrooms) for dinner followed by a chocolate cake from Maison Blanc whilst watching (again) a well-known blockbuster based on a well-known best-selling novel. I have to say I enjoyed it hugely.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I've got to head up to Headington in search of needles (especially after receiving a hurry up text from my sister) then it's off to Wallingford with some fellow quilters in search of fabric for a sample square and hopefully some buttons for the cardigan - I'm really looking forward to it. I hope you all have fun weekend plans too and have a great weekend.

* at least I took it easy after I got back from my run anyway.

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