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Monday, September 28, 2009

The antidote to colourwork

After spending all week working on a stranded project in four colours on 3mm needles both my brain and my fingers needed a rest. Something quick and undemanding - some plain vanilla knitting.

Moreover, since I didn't have any uncomplicated projects already on the needles it had to be something that I could cast on with barely a moment's thought (must - start - knitting - again - immediately) and with no risk of having to rip it out once I come across one of those inevitable project issues that a moment's thought would have obviated!*

Moss stitch scarf in Rowan Big Wool

Plain vanilla scarf

Cast on 17 stitches using 10mm needles and Rowan Big Wool from stash. Knit until yarn runs out. Cast off.

I'm hoping for an easy win on all fronts here. After only an hour or so of knitting I already have nearly a foot of scarf so it should be a quick project. This yarn has been sitting in my stash in bits and pieces for several years. It was originally very expensive so knitting it up will be a weight off my conscience as well as freeing up a lot of space in the stash - they don't call it bulky weight for no reason. And a plain moss stitch scarf will make a splendid item to go in the - no longer imaginary - Christmas gifts box. I even have someone in mind for it.

* actually I did have to rip out two rows and the cast on as I didn't like the gauge I was getting with 12mm needles but when two rows equals all of 34 stitches it's hardly a tragedy.

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