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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grinding to a halt

Sheep Yoke baby cardigan

I'm tantalisingly close to finishing the Sheep Yoke baby cardigan. I completed the bottom ribbing on the bus into work yesterday morning and worked the button bands at Bluestockings on Wednesday evening. There is only the embroidery and the sleeves to do and I'd be knitting them right now but I don't have the needles. There's no way that I can knit them on the circular 3.75mm needle that I used for the body and I can't find a complete set of 3.75mm dpns. A hunt around the living room has uncovered no less than 10 4mm dpns but only two 3.75's. The other two have to be around somewhere but it would be like hunting for a needle in a very woolly haystack. A trip to the nearest LYS after work today brought no joy - frankly I have more needles in stock than they do! There are a couple more local places to try on Saturday - after that I'll have to try further afield.


In the meantime I'll be working on the sheepy embroidery - that's my favourite bit.

Apple and Damson crumble

I finally got back to check out those damsons which I spotted whilst running on Sunday. There were more trees than I'd at first thought (about half a dozen of them) but either they were very sparsely fruited or someone had got there first as there were very few within reach owing to the sturdy barrier of nettles and brambles all around them. I only managed to pick seven, not enough for even a single jar of jam but sufficient for this apple and damson crumble, mmmmm.


janet said...

the cardigan is so cute! I keep on looking and trying to convince myself I'm not going make a me size one.
Don't know if it helps, but I find that even if I use a combination of DPNs (say, the two 3.75s and two 4s) it looks fine. Noone can tell. (Although, I may sub a 3.25 for one of the 4s because that almost averages out, right?) I felt stupid about this, until I read in one of EZs books that she did something similar when pressed. At least i was in good company.... and it means you can do it NOW rather than later

Ruth said...

Liz, I have a set of 3.75 dpns which you are welcome to borrow. They are bamboo x

Liz said...

Cheers Ruth - I may take you up on that. Depends how I get on at the weekend with emergency needle shopping!