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Monday, September 28, 2009

Even more reasons to love Never Not Knitting

I won a prize!

Row counter

My name came out in the Episode 22 drawing and I won a 100-row row counter with a tiny little sweater dangling from the end of it - so cute - so thank you Alana. I'm really looking forward to using it.

Phew! It's always a relief to get through Monday. It's so nice to get home, stick the dinner on and settle down in front of It Takes Two with the moss stitch scarf (one yard long already!). I would have been home even sooner except I had to trek around town in search of a "new baby" card for a colleague. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a tasteful decent sized card (one that fifty-odd people can fit a message on) in this town. There were loads of lovely but tiny baby boy cards but it was almost impossible to find a large-ish card that didn't either state the bleeding obvious ("It's a Lovely Baby Boy!" - as opposed to what, exactly) or wasn't nausea inducingly sentimental (I refuse to buy any card which includes either of the phrases "lovely snuggly little bundle" or "ten tiny tootsies"). It's not as if Oxford is underburdened with card and gift shops! Anyway, card is bought (hurrah for Paperchase) and I can relax with the knitting.

Moss stitch scarf

I'm working through all the odd little balls of Rowan Big Wool at a most satisfying rate. It's lucky that I've finally got the hang of spit splicing as otherwise I'd have a lot of chunky ends to darn in.


Lara said...

Hurrah for surviving Monday - I always feel slightly the same. I have the same problem about trying to find cards that aren't horrendous and have sickly messages or are too gender specific. (I refuse to buy Its a boy/girl cards because like you, I think its stating the obvious!

Petit Filoux said...

Spit splicing? What is that? A way of not having to sew in lots of ends? If it is I want to know!!! x

Felix said...

The spit/split splicing technique is essential for chunky yarns in particular I find.

Your vanilla knitting project looks incredibly satisfying and is making me think that perhaps the 3 things I am designing myself and knitting from scratch need to be interrupted for a quick-rewards knitting project...

Well done for surviving Monday!

tinebeest said...

Oh lucky you! I really should enter podcast competitions, and give myself a chance, I guess.

Baby-cards etc. I have taken to buying cards from the RSPB or horticultural society, with a blank entry, much better than those silly things they sell for occasions.

And spit-splicing rocks!