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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yarn, Jim, but not as we know it..

Wheel spun merino top

Not too awful for my first attempt on the wheel, though a bit fluffy and bumpy. I was able to get straight to spinning after work as I was prevented from going for my run by the aches and strains I picked up hoiking the wheel around yesterday. I came across a useful picture online of a wheel with the oiling points marked with diamonds - I feel like there ought to be oiling points marked on my right shoulder and forearm, left thigh and lower back. Anyhow, I've got the thing going and it does actually seem to spin yarn.

I'm not too discouraged. In fact, like the proverbial, I'm blaming my tools as I don't find those little coloured tops from Handweavers' Studio to be the easiest things to spin as they're very sticky on the drafting. I'm going to order some more biffle from Wingham tomorrow as that drafts very smoothly.

In the meantime I'm still pedalling hard towards the line in the Tour de Fleece. I got a decent amount of alpaca spun on the bus home from work and had a jolly conversation with a chap who had never seen "anyone doing weaving before". I explained (kindly) that he still hadn't seen anyone "doing weaving" and that in fact what I was doing was spinning.

Grey alpaca

It's nice to think that I was that guy's weird thing that happened to him today. My own weird thing for the day was attempting to help catch a stray racing pigeon which had fluttered into the courtyard at work yesterday and couldn't get out. Aliki and I didn't have much luck as birdcatchers - more Papageno* than Penelope Pitstop. Luckily our colleague Sara seems to have a way with pigeons and was able to get him contained ready to be sent back to his owner in Taunton.

* He's always seemed like rather an inept birdcatcher in the productions I've seen.

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