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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sheep to shawl

Biffle shawl

Biffle shawl

Pattern: Constructed as per Kiri with diamond lace pattern
Yarn: 400g handspun Bluefaced Leicester
Needles: 8mm circular

My first serious piece of knitting from my own handspun is currently blocking on the living room floor. I can't quite believe that I got all that done with just a drop spindle. Right now it's perfectly evoking a summer day in the English countryside in that it's wet and smells rather of sheep. However, when dry it's going to be beautifully soft and snuggly and brilliant for combatting the rather overenthusiastic air-conditioning in my office.


katieh said...

I'm so incredibly impressed and proud of you. Look what you've achieved!


Moggle said...

Soooo beautiful. I just want to pet it.

Heather said...

Wow - that looks great! I'm impressed!! Way to go!

Felix said...

...just gorgeous.

I am so amazed at what can be done with a drop-spindle! You've made such lovely soft yarn with it...