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Sunday, July 13, 2008

As my whimsy takes me

Having dashed into Port Meadow on the way home for some variegated sock yarn for a pattern idea* that I had to start on right away I then spent much of my knitting time this weekend working on a completely different pattern with an entirely different yarn.

Obstacles sock

The lace pattern is "Obstacles" from the Harmony Guide volume II. This photo doesn't really give a very good idea of what it looks like, but it has given me an idea for another pattern stitch (maybe this time in the neglected impulse buy yarn). The yarn is by Oxford Kitchen Yarns in light plum - it's delovely and knitting up remarkably quickly (yay). Happily for my progress on this sock I've managed to reconcile knitting with my current Dorothy L. Sayers kick (four books this weekend, stop me, please) by learning how to hold the pages down with my elbow.

The homespun shawl got its first outing today and I badgered the boyfriend into taking some pictures. Luckily there's no shortage of scenic backdrops in Oxford.

Homespun shawl

Homespun shawl

It's blocked out to quite a decent size which gives me to think that with a kilo of fibre spun to around the same thickness and knit in a similarly lacy pattern I could have quite a decent sized blanket. Cosy and not hugely expensive or time consuming either.

* pattern idea is still quite cool but needs some work on the maths side.

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Felix said...

I am very excited by your lovely shawl in homespun yarn! It's brilliant watching all the progress of the drop-spindle joy taking place on your blog and both shawl AND socks, look lovely.