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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Block around the clock

The Minimalist cardigan is all knit up and currently blocking on the living room floor. It should be dry by tomorrow morning which means that if I stitch like the wind I could have a new cardigan by tomorrow evening.

Minimalist cardigan

I can't even remember the last (adult-size) sweater I finished *quickly checks Ravelry*, it looks like it might have been the Peridot sweater about two years ago - gasp!

After this sweater drought I've got my next sweater planned already - a striped top in Wensleydale Longwool and I'm v. keen on trying a wrap cardigan in lace weight Misti Alpaca.

Of course I should concentrate on finishing my current works in progress but there are lots of temptations, not least this beautiful sock yarn from the Artful Ewe which Helen brought me from Seattle. It has beautiful tones of lavender fields and heathery hills.

Artful Ewe sock yarn

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