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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maillot grise

Well, there's not really enough for a sweater (except for maybe a baby sweater) but I finished my Tour de Fleece spinning in yesterday evening before the end of the last stage so I think I can claim a yellow jersey.

Grey alpaca handspun

My Tour de Fleece challenge was to spin up all the grey alpaca at a consistent gauge and I'm pretty pleased with the two skeins I've ended up with.

Handpsun grey alpaca: 160 gms/16 wpi/245 metres

Grey alpaca handspun

I got to meet some alpaca from Inca Alpaca and Moonsbrook Alpaca yesterday at the CLA game fair although sadly they'd run out of fleece for sale.


I'm not really into any of huntin', shootin' or fishin' but I had a very jolly time at the game fair. There were lots of lovely dogs as well as the alpaca and even some water buffalo from Napton.

Water buffalo

They were doing a roaring trade in their absolutely delicious water buffalo ice-cream.

It's lucky that I completed my spinning challenge as knitting-wise the weekend has been a complete washout.

This was my rainbow jaywalker sock at around 11:30:

Rainbow socks

Here it is at 11:45:

Rainbow socks

After completing the afterthought heel I tried it on and decided that it was both too long and too tight. The boyfriend, with rather touching faith, suggested that blocking would sort it out but really there's no fun in socks that cut off the citculation.

Obstacles socks

I rather suspect that these will be going the same way for the same reasons. I really like how this stitch pattern looks unstretched but blocked out they look quite different and unfortunately the tops are far too tight. A rethink is in order but I think I'll try knitting the "second" sock before ripping back this one.


Rebecca and Peggy said...

Congrats on finishing your Tour de Fleece goal! Well done! And lovely photos, too. wow.

Moggle said...

Lovely even spinning on your alpaca.
What a shame about the jaywalker.