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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Three bags full

Or at least a shoebox full.

Plied Blue Faced Leicester

Just under 400g of Navajo plied blue faced leicester which I finished up last night freeing me up for my Tour de Fleece challenge.

I'm still a pretty newbie spinner so the challenge I've set myself is to spin a batch of fibre into yarn with consistent wpi from beginning to end. I'm really pleased with the blf yarn but the thickness varies rather throughout and this does complicate matters when thinking about gauge for a knitting project.

I'm kicking off le premier etage by heading off to the Handweavers' Studio in north London to buy materials. One of the challenges of this year's tour is to spin from stash but I don't have a fibre stash (yet). Actually I'm planning not to acquire one (mutters of 'I should think so' from the boyfriend) and to spin what I have before acquiring more. Then it can go sit in my yarn stash!

After the HWS I'm heading to the other side of London to the Alternative Village Fete at National Theatre Square for the monthly iknit spinning morning (or rather afternoon) so I'd better go and get ready, especially as my plan for an early night was completely scuppered by Dorothy L. Sayers' fantastic Gaudy Night. Although you know it's a good read when you look up from your book before bedtime to realise it's one in the morning!

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Moggle said...

Looks lovely. Is that still the humbug?
What are you going to make with it?