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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Alternative Village Fete

The first stage of the tour de fleece turned into a bit of a tour of London. I started off at Paddington, headed up to Walthamstow to pick up fibre and a niddy noddy, then caught the tube to Waterloo for the Alternative Village fete in National Theatre Square.

The niddy noddy is lovely and a darn sight more comfortable than winding the stuff round your knees.

Niddy Noddy

On the fibre side I bought samples of Shetland humbug (left), camel (right) and Suffolk (not shown). The bundle of loveliness in the middle is 200g of grey alpaca which I've started to spin up for my TDF challenge.

Three bags full

The single is coming out at 25 wpi under tension and I'm going to try to stick to that average.

25 wpi

I didn't think the AVF was going to be a great place for spinning alpaca for the first time (too much danger of dropping the spindle on wet astroturf) so I started on the sample of grey Suffolk. More on that tomorrow.

The AVF itself was great although the fact that I kept glancing up from the morris dancing to see red London buses overhead on the Waterloo bridge was rather surreal.

Wild Hunt morris dancers

The morris dancers were great - rather like uruk hai with bells on. The leader of the troupe took the stick clashing very seriously - I thought it was only in jousting that you got points for breaking a lance.

Between the knitting and the spinning I checked out the vegetable sculptures..

Vegetable sculptures

.. and the animals from the Vauxhall City farm ..

Vauxhall farm bunnies

.. and ate a tiny wee fairy cake from crumb doilies.

Crumb doilies

I had a very jolly time at the iknit stand putting faces to some Ravelry names and knitting a swatch for the great british sheep. Mine's the brown one.

Great British Sheep stand

I think I'm slightly scared by the sheep, but at least there's no room in there for Edward Woodward.

Great British Sheep stand

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