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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting there


This is looking rather more like it although I'm concerned that it may be a little underspun. I still haven't really worked out how to work the brake but I've found a very useful site here and I'm hoping that Katie and Megan will have some tips for me tomorrow. I kind of feel that they have an advantage as I'm pretty sure that their (new) wheels will have come with a user guide.

On the knitting front I have one and a half completed sleeves for my Minimalist cardigan.

Minimalist cardigan sleeves

I always seem to slow to a crawl when it comes to knitting the sleeves for any garment but I hope I'll be able to finish the second sleeve by tomorrow and to start making up the cardigan.


Lara said...

oooh - go you with the spinning. So impressed. I have blocked the minimalist cardigan and it just needs sewing up. I seem to often stall at this stage so am determined to get it done by the end of the month!

katieh said...

I'll bring my spinning book with me tonight for you to have a nosy through.

i'm still getting to grips with my break, but basically i turn it up when i think i'm getting too much spin and not enough drag into the spindle, if you see what i mean. apparently you need to adjust it when you shift hooks, but i've not totally mastered that yet.