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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Viewing the tapestries (reprise)

So what have I been knitting on this snow day? Legwarmers, that's what.

Stripy tapestry legwarmers

These tick several boxes - I'm knitting up stash yarn (in fact I'm knitting up Felix's stash yarn as she gave it to me!), I do need legwarmers, and I've got a little tired of having to reply to queries about whether I knit the sparkly silver lace legwarmers that I've been wearing to death recently with "no, they're from Accessorize, actually". These are knit from two contasting balls of Rowan Tapestry (see last December's post for my thoughts on this yarn). I'm very pleased with the appearance so far. There are one or two places where the stripes are rather indistinct but on the whole they look splendid and wonderfully cosy, not to mention being a very quick knit.

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Lara said...

Very pretty, love the stripes.