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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pull your socks up

I've been keen to knit some knee-length socks for myself for some time now. I did knit a pair of stripy knee socks a few years back but I'm afraid they kept falling down on the job.

These should do a bit better. Funnily enough it's when socks are too tight, rather than the reverse, that they fall down so I've made sure I cast on enough stitches for a nice elastic fit around the top of the calf.

There's plenty of yardage in Megan's Wellington sock yarn (in fact it could be named for the fact that you could knit a pair of welly socks from one skein) and I'm reasonably confident of getting two socks out of my single skein in the Scarpantoni colourway. However, if I don't quite make it I've got the leftovers in the Stringybark colourway with which to knit contrast toes and cuffs.

Long stockings

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