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Monday, January 04, 2010

Hard frost

They're taking down the Christmas decorations at work. It's OK though because outside there's natural tinsel.

Rime frost

Every spider's web has been strung with spiky crystals and even the most mundane objects (top of a parking meter) have an icy crown.

Rime frost

I had another run this lunchtime where I wished I'd been able to take my camera along for your benefit. The frozen fields were the colour of sea glass and the river was a perfect blue mirror. At one point a swan flew low along it, its real and reflected wings together making a perfect O at the bottom of the wing beat. All the noises are clearer and sharper in the still air too, the quacking of ducks under the bridge sounds like the chattering of stones in a noisy beck.


Anonymous said...

OhMyGosh BEAUTIFUL! Enchanting! Gorgeous photography, and magical nature!

Petit Filoux said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!! Happy new year x

Lara said...

Absolutely lovely! Really beautiful - I miss seeing the fields covered in frost on my journey into work.