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Friday, January 08, 2010


Back in the autumn I knit this scarf out of the last remnants of 6 balls of Rowan Big Wool which I'd bought a few years ago to make a poncho (I know, I know). I thought that it would make a very nice Christmas present for someone but then completely forgot to take it up to Bolton with me. Still, their loss, my gain as I realised last night that I had the perfect accessory to muffle up against the big freeze.

Moss stitch scarf

Things I love about this scarf: it's extra wide so I can keep everything warm from my nose to my neck, it's very thick so even a single layer blocks out the icy air, and it has pockets great for keeping hands warm and for throwing amusing shapes.

Moss stitch scarf


jane said...

That's beautiful! I've been meaning to make a scarf with pockets ever since I spotted this one : . £119 full price (and now a snip in the sale at, er, £89- !!!). Yours is much nicer, too - I love the moss stitch; so warm and cosy.

Petit Filoux said...

Haha brilliant!!! Looks great, I always drool over that yarn when I go in yarn shops!! Loving the leg warmers too! x

Sarah said...

Such a fab idea, and so simple! I'm forever having to take my gloves off to do up coats and so on on playground duty so this would be a great solution. Pics next, please, of the poncho!!

katieh said...


Lara said...

I love the pockets, I've been coverting a scarf in accessorize that is very similar. Looks really cosy and I love moss stitch as you know!