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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They're knitting in the wrong place!*

I perpetrated a massive knitting FAIL this evening. When I started the sleeve of my current sweater-in-progress on Monday morning I didn't have the right needle to work the turned hem at the cuff. No problem, I thought, I'll just start with a provisional cast on, knit the cuff later and then graft the two ends together. So this morning once the sleeve was the correct length I cast on the cuff and I was ready to start grafting in the pub this evening. I put both sets of live stitches on the needles, joined in a length of yarn and started grafting. Everything was looking great until I got about two thirds of the way round and realised that I had a lot of sleeve stitches left. Like 30 more than were remaining for the cuff.

sleeve FAIL

&*#$@*! No idea how, but I grafted the cuff to the shoulder end of the sleeve. If it wasn't quite so funny I'd have wept. I left the mis-grafted cuff in place just long enough to share with you guys. It's still a workable plan, I just need to concentrate this time around.

sleeve FAIL

* see Raiders of the Lost Ark


Lucie said...

That's so funny Liz. I always had to unravel my pub knitting (Jericho caff - pre-babies) but grafting !!@&*%! Exactly!

Petit Filoux said...

Oh no!!! Hope it's not going to take you too long to fix it?

Moggle said...

Oh dear. Hope it's fixed soon.