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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A better class of snowman


Look, he has cherry tomatoes for eyes and the boyfriend is convinced that his buttons are made from jaffa cakes. We'll check in the morning if the birds haven't had them first*. We were convinced that the snow was on the way out and had been going about saying daft things like "Aslan is abroad" so we were rather surprised to wake up this morning to another couple of inches of snow, six lorries stuck on the hill out of town, and no buses. Still, there are bonuses to the extended cold snap like a surprise episode of Snow Watch in which the regular team discussed the effect that the snow is having on the wildlife and we got to see Simon King hop like a bunny. And there was a trailer for a new programme in March, Lambing Live, I'm very excited about the combination of Kate Humble and lots of sheep in the same show.

*ETA: Turns out they were Oreos!


Anonymous said...

"saying daft things like "Aslan is abroad"" - I love this! It's just the sort of thing we'd do!

Kate said...

I very much enjoyed Simon King's hare impression, but snow-watch was rather spoilt for me by the intolerable presence of Martin Hughes whatsit, with his flowing locks and infantile chit chat. I hope he does not feature on Lambing Live (very excited).