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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Works in progress

Despite spending much of the weekend sewing I still managed to get in quite a bit of knitting on the Anya sweater with the result that I'm already at the armhole shaping.

Anya sweater

On the one hand this is great as it means fewer stitches per row, I'm already working on 10 less over the row after casting off 5 stitches at each side. On the other hand I now have to combine decreases with colourwork and it's not straightforward knitting, certainly not something to be done whilst watching an especially gripping episode of Heroes.

Luckily I had some alternative knitting to work on.

Hat #8

Yarn: UK Alpaca DK
Needles: 3mm

The hat is worked in mistake rib and should be wamr enough to keep any smoothie cosy!

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