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Monday, September 10, 2007

Here's one I made earlier

I finally got around to finishing spinning up the 2nd ply from the MoBear fibre, prompted by my boyfriend who seemed to have some sort of problem with me buying more fibre before I'd made any yarn out of the first lot. After setting the twist on both plies (which involved a lot of skeining around two chairs) I wound each skein onto an improvised bobbin, OK, a loo roll. I then (invoking the spirit of Caron Keating) made four holes in a shoe box, stuck two 7mm knitting needles through with a loo roll bobbin on each and voila - my very own lazy Kate!

Lazy Kate

I then threaded the two plies through a hole in one of the chair backs, attached them to my piece of waste yarn and got busy plying.

Look - real yarn!

Plied yarn

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