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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hat #2

No, really, it is a different hat.


More progress on the Anya sweater.


I'm finding it easier going than expected due to the absence of waist shaping (luckily I'm quite straight up and down figure-wise). Fingers crossed I'll have finished the colour work by the time the armholes come up!

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Lara said...

Liz - a hat a day you mentalist! I applaud the effort though,it reminds me I have a couple of hats that i have never sent off for it. Can I give them to you to post?! (then you might be able to sleep for 2 nights or have 2 nights off?!)

Also I'm not at all sure about KSH being class C yarn - it is in the sense that it might lure non-knitters in by the beauty but the sheer fact that you can't rip it back and it gave me serious hand pain make me think it should be reclassified!